A Brief Introduction Of Canada

  Canada is a multicultural country . It is the second largest country in the world . Canada is in the worth of North America . It has an area of 9,984,670 km . It is a fact that Canada is 5,500 kilometers from coast to coast .
  Ottawa , the capital of Canada , is one of Canada's most popular cities to live in . Canadians speak English and French . English and French are their official languags . Canada is quite empty . We know that most Canadians live within a few hundred kilometers of the USA border .
  As we know , because of the Great Lakes , Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world . As a matter of fact , it has one-third of the world's total fresh water , and much of it is in the Great Lakes .
  Resources of petroleum , mineral , lumber , marine products and water are very rich . The seasons are distinct in Canada . The year is broken up into four seasons of approximately 3 months each . Winters are cold and summers are quite hot . The seasons are pleasant .
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