The Things that I’m good at

I’m a primary school student. I don’t know how to cook, I don’t know how to drive a car, and I don’t know how to work。
I’m a primary school student. I don’t know how to cook, I don’t know how to drive a car, and I don’t know how to work. I had only read very few books. What am I good at? If you want to know, then come with me.
One day during the holidays, my family brought me to Huancheng Park. There’s a small sand beach there. And I saw some children were digging holes in the sand, some were building sand cakes, and some were throwing up sand. … I found a place for me. It was in the shadows, and the sand was wet.
I want to build a sandcastle here. It will be like the old city Xi’an that we live in---it has the biggest and the most complete wall in the world!
I started to build. I filled a cup with sand, squeezed it toward the bottom, then, turned it over and put it on the sand ground, took away the cup. There, a piece of cup shaped battlement is finished.
I built 52 battlements, and let them become a square.
Next, I used rectangle boxes and made four gates. The wall is finished.
Then, I started to dig the moat around the wall with a shovel.
I also dug a path that connects to the moat. Do you know what uses does this path have? It can lead the water into the moat.
Last, I built the Bell Tower in the middle of the town. First I used a plastic bowl built a circular truncated cone, I built a smaller circular truncated cone on the last one. Then I put a white box and a small golden bottle top on the smaller circular truncated cone.
“Wow, it’s so beautiful!”
“It’s true! And it’s verisimilitude, too!”
A small crowd of children came with their parent to see my sandcastle. I introduced it to them proudly how I made it and told them, “This is the third time I made sandcastles, and it’s the best of them.”
And the children all clapped their hands to congratulate me.
Several days ago, I sent the picture of the sandcastle I built to Teacher Monique. She lives in Miami, Florida. I hope she can come to Xi’an one day to see the Terra-cotta Warriors built 2000 years ago and the wall and the moat built 600 years ago. And see the opus that I’m good at incidentally---because Huancheng Park in between the wall and the moat.
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