Playing With the Silk Ribbon

“Watch carefully,” said Zhang Yuyang.“I’ll show you how I do it.” He did a circle, then he run with the silk ribbon.
  Bringing Back a Little Watermelon
  Today, I went to climb a mountain, and I bring back a little
  When we got to it, I looked up. It’s not really tall when I looked
  at it. We keep climbing. I was a little bit of tired when we sit down and have
  a picnic, but we kept on going.
  “Hey! Do you know where to go to the watermelon field?” A man asked
  when he passed us.
  “Watermelon field?” I thought. And then, I said to my grandpa, “Let’s
  go and see the watermelon field.”
  “OK,” said grandpa, and we started off.
  Whew! Climbing up the mountain really is hard work. My feet are
  starting to sore. But at least I saw many wild flowers, and I blew a dandelion,
  When we arrived at the watermelon field, many big watermelons are
  gone. Only some small ones are left. I pick up one.
  “This one is light,” I said. “I can hold it up with one hand.”
  “This one is much smaller,” I heard grandpa say. I turned back,
  grandpa was holding one that is almost as big as his hand.
  We thought for a while and decided that we will take it home and I
  can play with it. Even through is a bit heavy and I have to be careful, but as
  long as if I won’t break it.
  I carry the watermelon down the hill. When we got back home, the watermelon
  was still OK! I can play with it now.
  I feel happy that I can play with this watermelon. But when I didn’t
  want to play with it, we can eat it by making it into a vegetable. If we can, I
  just couldn’t wait…for a little bit.
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