Strong! Girls!

Strong! Girls! Refuel You're the best!
  Strong! Girls! Refuel
  You're the best!
  Do not you cry for your face is only suitable smile.You can not because of him hanging on the side of your face tears, if not, then you can look at my face on the dry your tears? I love you, do not want you to cry, your tears will make me feel bad, really, girl, you have to be strong, not cry.
  The little girl, you can not cry, do not waste your tears, the future may also have more suffering. Your last piercing cry my heart is still there, you are a kind of girls? Laughing at school, go home after the room is so piercing, perhaps, only I've seen it, everybody that you use as a tool, a tool of revenge, to show off tools, ready to be your beck and call, but can not resist. You, why like this, do not resist, obviously made up his mind, but still fail to realize, perhaps, you really have a dual personality, family and school are two totally look like you people, you do not necessary for these something to cry, others say others, you do zij。
  Seed Lin Xi, strong, girl, you're my angel, angel forever, even if you are a black angel, in my mind, is white。
  I love you! Girls!
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