Changes in Shenzhen andinschool

Our city Shenzhen is very different now.
Our city Shenzhen is very different now. 30 years ago, Shenzhen was a small town. There was no subway or tunnel. There were no tall building, either. There were not any factories or high ways. There was a harbuor and some ferry piers.
But now, Shenzhen is a big and beautiful city. There are a lot of highways and subways. There are a lot of factories and tall buildings. There are a lot of cars and people.There is an airport, too. Life is quite different now.

Our school is different now. 10 years ago,our school was very small and it was not beautiful. There was no music room or dancing room. There was not any computer room, either. The playground was very small. There were not any computers or TVs in our classroom.
But now, our school is very big and beautiful. There is a music room and dancing room. There are some art rooms and computer rooms. There is a big playground. There are many students and classrooms. I love my school.
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