Discovering the Dragonfly

This afternoon, Yuki and I were in the yard, we saw a dragonfly hanging from the rope.

This afternoon, Yuki and I were in the yard, we saw a dragonfly, its head was pointing at the sky hanging from a rope.
This is a red dragonfly, its eyes are very big. It got little black spots. It also got four long clear wings.
“Jenny, I want to catch that dragonfly. I want to know see its eyes. Then, I’ll let it go.” I heard Yuki said. I looked at the rope, it’s too high for us to reach.
Yuki continued, “You keep an eye on that little guy.” And she ran away.
I looked at the dragonfly, it’s not moving. I just don’t get it why the dragonfly has been here a long time---There are only some puddles. And why would it hang on a rope?
Just then, Yuki come with the stick and said, “Jenny, you're taller. Can you help me reach dragonfly?” She gave the stick to me.
"OK, I'll try," I said.
I lift the stick high in the air. I wiggled the stick in front of dragonfly, but it didn’t move. I hit the rope gently. It flew away.
The dragonfly is a good insect. We should protect it.
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