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  *** **name
  No.100 Wuchuan Road, Yangpu District
  Shanghai, 200433
  Summer Internship related to Tax

  Bachelor of Management
  Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai
  GPA 3.6. Expected graduation date: June 2017
  ,Language: Fluent in English, spoken and written, and Chinese
  ,Software: Proficient in Microsoft Office and Java
  ,Certificate: Accounting Professional Certificate and CET4, CET6
  ,Basic skills: Good in typing, calculating and modeling
  ,Psychological Quality: good time management, teamwork and communication skills

Team Leader, Wahaha Marketing Competition April 1st-June 1st
  Led a team of 15 students
  Won the third place in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Volunteer, Best Buddy  May-present
  Participated in the Best Buddy Program held by The Committee of Practice in Technology Academy
  Helped four young freshmen to get used to the new environment in a very short time
Math competition             5/20      
  Won the third price in the Mathematic Competition of University Students
  Table tennis, swimming, mathematics, reading books, watching movies
  Cover Letter
  *** **
  No.100 Wuchuan Road, Yangpu District
  Shanghai, 200433
  October 19, 2014
  Human Resources Manager
  No.202 Hubin Road, Huangpu District
  Shanghai, 200021
  Dear Human Resources Manager:
  As a student majoring in International Business in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a strong background in economics, marketing and finance, I am very pleased to send you my application for a Summer Internship related to Tax. When I saw the information in the homepage of PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Internet, I¨m really excited. This program concentrates on analyzing the factors of tax changing and the relations of tax and society, which is an essential problem in today¨s world. I confirm the qualities, skills and knowledge you seek are well-matched by my track record:
Your Needs    My Qualifications
Fluent English  
  ,I am well trained in spoken English in class.
  ,I have always communicated with my foreigner teachers
  ,I get the CET6 certification this year.

  ,I always use Word, PPT and Excel to finish my homework.
  ,I have learned about Java in high school
  ,In one hour, I can type more than 3,000 words in testing.

  ,I have gotten Certificate of Accounting Professional
  ,I got 85 in Financial Accounting in class

  ,I have worked in a team in the Marketing Competition and successful sponsor teammates to sell the products in school

Finance Education
  ,Coursework in Management, Mathematics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Game Theory has been done.
  I will be able to work up to 25 hours a week this coming winter and appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the possibility of interning there. I will follow up on this letter in a week to see if we can set up an interview. Thank you very much for your attention and I¨m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  Sincerely yours,
  *** **
   In this semester, I have learned how to make effective contributions to my team. In the midterm presentation, I did the beginning and the conclusion, and in the final presentation, I introduced the results and discussions of the interview.
   In the midterm, when I first decided to be responsible for the beginning and conclusion, I thought it was quite simple. In my origin opinion, the beginning and conclusion didn¨t really convey any important messages, so these two parts were not so important. But after taking the class, I was surprised to know how important they were. The beginning is required to give the audience a clear brief introduction of the following contents, and to attract the audience¨s attention for the next presenter. As for the conclusion, I need to have a complete list of what the partners have already said and be clear about the logic of the whole ideas. To give a good beginning and conclusion, not only the clear presentation with easy-understanding vocabulary is needed, but also the creative and efficient methods are required, to make the audience always willing to listen in the process.
   In the final, I did the work of results, discussions and the suggestions related to the interview. This asked me to analyze the questions and answers carefully, and went to deeper before expressing my ideas to the audience. In the group discussions before we started to do the final task, we firstly collected the ideas of each member and secondly distributed the tasks. Since we had already asked the thoughts of each person, we had a smooth process when doing the tasks, without any big conflicts. And the reasonable distributions also worked well. Each member of this team was responsible for only a part of the whole task, which brought us high efficiency. But the separate small task had finally to be connected as a whole. In this process, we recognized the importance of communication.
   This course not just focused on teaching us the knowledge of business English and other skills. More importantly, it taught us the spirits of teamwork, and helped us develop such good qualities like responsibility, diligence and so on.
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