Management Information System Group Work

Five jobs in the accounting area, list the required qualifications being requested as they relate to the field of information system.
Management Information System Group Work
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Question Summary: Five jobs in the accounting area, list the required qualifications being requested as they relate to the field of information system.
One: chief of the cost accountings(会计主管) for a private corporation.
a. use management information system to do cost calculation, cost analysis, cost forecast, cost planning,
b. supervise and investigate the situation of each department on how to undergo the cost plans.
c. arrange and file all of the cost information, data, graphs and so on.
d. establish the data base system, do queries and update.
These four aspects is related to management system in:
Management information system is anchored in computer hardware, which is useful in data processing. For (a), caculaion, analysis, forcasting, not only in cost accounting, but also in finance accounting, finance management etc., can be done in management information system.
Using specific software, even specific data base system, integrate cost information, and try to master them.
All terminal devices, activity monitor, recorder, data-processing computer, being part of management information systems, getting all the information we need in decision, planning, despairing, changing,etc.
what is TPS data?
TPS is the simple of transaction per second, it means the data floating through a server in a second. To be frank, TPS data is floating data in servers.
TPS is a unit of measurement of software test results. A transaction is a client request and the server process response which is sent to the server. The client start timing in requests, received from the server response after the end of time, used to calculate the use of time and complete the transaction number.
In general, performance evaluation system are the number of transactions per second to complete the technology to measure. The whole system processing capacity depends on the processing capability of the lowest module TPS value.
To know more, our group query a blog article named The difference between TPS and QPS
Two: finance accounting
a. computer proficience and be skilled in office softwares.
b. team spirits and learning activity.
Evaluate the role of information systems in helping people working individually ande in groups make decisions more effectively.
Basic use of management information system.
Knowledgement and proficiency
Third: accounting calculation
a. Familiar with knowledge of financial management, financial and other related professional insurance major
b. With the insurance company for more than 3 years management experience, which must have more than 2 years working experience in accounting;
c. Integrated with certain coordinated ability and language expression ability, can skilled use of computer office system.
Fourth: chartered public accountant(CPA)
a. There is a high degree of professionalism and sense of responsibility, has the strong language, writing skills, teamwork and communication ability in organization and coordination, can adapt to the firm;
b. Proficiency in the use of computer and office software;
Fifth: Accounting Manager(会计经理)
a. Financial work experience more than 3 years enterprise, there are more than 1 years working experience in financial company, has the rich work experience in financial processing, intermediate or above accountant title.
b. Be familiar with state tax laws, financial accounting, financial management, financial analysis, financial forecasting and other financial systems and business.
c. Familiar with national accounting regulations, understand the tax laws and regulations and related tax policy;
d. Excellent english written and oral abilities.
e. Familiar with banking and tax processes.
f. Skilled application of financial software and office software.
g. The ability to read and write English skilled, dedicated, strong sense of responsibility, rigorous sureness, work carefully.
h. Have good discipline, team cooperation and innovation spirit
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Management Information System in Baidu Encyclopedia.

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