My High School Life


Dear Tom 

   I am writing to tell you something about my high school life 。 The new learning environment and the new learning methods left a deep impression on me 。

   I am very satisfied with the new learning  environment  it can cheer me up 。 The teachers' teaching standard is very high  and the classroom is lively and vivid 。 Can enter the elite class  I was lucky  but only a lot of pressure 。 I know a number of teachers and students  we get along very well with each other 。 What is more  I have learned a lot form them 。 I find that the learning methods at the high school are different from the ones at middle school  and I think the lessons in high school are harder than middle school 。 It can improve students' ability in all aspects 。

   I am looking forward to hearing from you soon 。                                                      
                           Li Lei 
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