My Own Robot

   I would like to have a robot as big as me 。 It can do all my work around the house 。 This means that it should clean the house  mop the floors  cook the dinner and deal with telephone calls 。 Sometimes  the robot would help me with my study  it will be programmed to do homework and not make mistakes 。 In my free time  it would be able to talk and tell funny stories to me 。 When I feel lonely and sad  it would be able to chat with me and make me happy 。 

   What does it look like 拭I do not mind what my robot looks like 。 Do you want to know its name 拭Let me tell you  I will call my robot June 。 Please close your eyes and imagine my place  how happy we get along between  and how good I am     

   Do you want to have your own robot 拭Can you tell me some information about your robot 拭 
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