History of S.H

  Good afternoon, everyone. Today I’ll introduce you a world-famous character. Before my formal introduction, I’d like to make you guess who I will talk about. Look at this, this is the first feature. Does anyone get the answer?
  Well, let’s see the second one.
  Anyone knows? [Bingo!]
  Now I’d like to tell you the whole history of Sherlock Holmes. And my introduction is divided into these three parts.
  And let’s begin with the initial source of the great detective.
  As we all know, Sherlock Holmes was created by Conan Doyle. And what surprised him were the amazing popularity and the instant success all over the world. Due to the success, his decision to stop writing and the arrangement to make Sherlock dead at that time aroused great anger among readers, therefore, he had to make Sherlock come back to life and continue the stories later. However, though he successfully shaped the image of Sherlock Holmes, he was actually unable to solve a real case. Once he was asked to help police solve a simple case, but after the long-time investigation, what he concluded was a false answer. It seemed that such a brilliant detective as Sherlock Holmes could only exist in the fictions.
  Although most of us believe that Sherlock never existed in reality, the allure of him didn’t decrease as time went by. Thanks to the prolonged influence of him, these detective stories have been adapted to many movies and TV series. Let’s see an example.
  T his picture is from a very old movie, and John Barrymore took the role of Sherlock. The copy of this American movie was once lost but was found again in 1870s. Later, it was preserved by George Eastman Museum for a long time. The actors’ satisfying performances perfectly accounted for the relationship between Sherlock and Waston, which bring great charm to the two characters after Conan’s death. It is regarded as a classic and without doubt, it deserves the honor.
  Now, does anyone know some other actors who successfully played the role of Sherlock? Maybe you can turn to Google for help after class.
  In spite of the small changes to make movies more attractive, those movies are strictly based on the novels, whether the background or the contents.
  But later, people make huge changes in more important aspects. And now there are many TV series which are not strictly based on Conan’s novel. I believe when I talk about TV series, most people may quickly think of the British TV. Yes, since the BBC released it in 2012, it soon became popular all over the world. I think most of us have already seen it before, and have known more or less about this guy, Benedict Comberbatch. So I won’t talk much about the content. What I’d like to talk about is some changes you may haven’t found by now. The TV is first known for the creative idea to put Sherlock Holmes and his stories in the new background of modern society. And many efforts are made to let it seem more reasonable, such as the transform from the rickshaw to taxi, the use of modern gun and so on. What’s more, to combine Sherlock’s preference for smoking and the ban in England now, they shaped a detective who was disturbed by the contradiction of the willing to quit smoking and the heavy addiction.
  As for American TV, changes are much more obvious. This one is very special, because the stories are totally different even all the names and identities remains. In order to avoid the accuse of infringing by BBC, John Waston, Sherlock’s only roommate, and Moriaty, one of the strongest enemies of Sherlock, are both changed to women. This is a brave change, especially after the success of British TV series. And fortunately, this change is accepted widely, and it also won a good international reputation. Furthermore, the American Sherlock seems far more human than any character in other movies. He also made silly mistakes in the process of reasoning, also became addicted to drugs and lost himself as the result of the addiction. And since the series are more related to modern science, Sherlock had to seek help from mathematicians or experts in other fields in many cases.
  There is no doubt that in order to keep pace with the time, Sherlock Holmes has to make constant changes. What if Sherlock become a very modest and tender man someday? Can you accept it? For me, I have no idea. Maybe the only thing we can do is waiting for the new image.
  That’s all about the history of Sherlock, now do you have any questions?
  If there are no further questions, then thank you for being such wonderful audience.
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