Fun with Ping-Pong

I was very happy
  Fun with Ping-Pong
  Yesterday was sunny. I played Ping-Pong with my best friend, Yang Chao, who is a good Ping-Pong player.
  We went to a Ping-Pong Club. At first, he served the ball. I caught the ball. He served so quickly that I almost missed it. Although the second ball flew to me fast, I caught the ball and hit it back. Then he did his best. Wow, what a perfect strike. But soon, I couldn’t catch the ball. So I failed the first round. He won this round. While I didn’t lose my confidence, I thought this time it’s my turn to hit back. So I served the ball with a low position. He caught the ball, and the ball flew to me. At this very moment, I caught the good chance to hit back with my best. He didn’t catch it. Yeah, I won this time.
  That was my first time to defeat him. So I was very happy.
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